The fog comes creeping.

The fog comes creeping at my hometown, Grimstad, Norway.
I was downtown and got to see this phenomenon.
I went on a mountain top to see if I could get a picture of this.
And this is what I got.

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Maboe / M and D, Norway sa...


Anonym sa...

You have a beautiful blog & absolutely wonderful photos!

Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Gunsside sa...

Fantatisk utsikt du har her, herlig ;)

BraCom (Bram) sa...

Beautiful sky photo, stunning clouds

Have a nice weekend, Bram

seen on Sky Watch Friday

Spiderdama sa...

Så nydelig bilde og et flott skydekke der! Det er en vakker by vi har:-)

Ps: Det var riktig at det på Rorestranda jeg tok Nordlysbildene.

Ha en god helg!:-)

Manang Kim sa...

OMG and WOW! This is amazing. what makes this fog crawl towards the town? Happy Friday!


Light and Voices sa...

Fog surrounding the town is a beautiful photograph.
Joyce M

syel sa...

awesome breathtaking capture! it's worth climbing up the mountain for! :)

J Bar sa...

Great shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Julie sa...

It is creeping. It is oozing. I am so glad you climbed up the mountain to get this overview for us. I like it a lot.

Kcalpesh sa...

This is such an outstanding panoramic view!! Mesmerizing!!

Charlotte Lake Matheran

Rosadimaggio63 sa...

questa è veramente un afantastica foto.
Bellissima !!
Buona giornata.